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VFSL is one type of NBFC Loan Co formed to fund exclusively the, Young and ambitious parents of KG to 12th Standard in easy terms to pay School fess and related expenses . Both mother & father will be co applicants for the loan
School education loan is for meeting School fees, Books & Stationary cost, Bags cost, and Uniform cost, boarding fees, Coaching center fees, Building Fund deposit, Transportation cost & Bi-cycle, Computer and other related school expenses of parents. Direct payment will be made to the School & to the Vendor
All parents residing in India with proof of income and have good rating score from credit rating agencies like CIBIL/CRISIL/ICRA etc.
The EMI for the Loan amount of Rs 1 Lac is Rs 9,167/- payable in 12 monthly instalments Rate of Interest 10% Flat rate on the loan amount
We have currently fixed Rs 1 lac as the maximum loan amount with 12 months repayment period, and this can be increased subject to management policy. Contact our office for your maximum loan eligibility.
Yes. All recognized professional exam coaching institutes fees can be taken as loan
Yes. Recognized School Boarding fees can be taken as loan
• It’s a critical time for all middle class parents during April month after IT payment month, to meet the school expenses. The School fees for prestigious school are really an affordability question after IT month, and VFSL primary goal is to give loan to such parents to come out of the situation in ease and without any collateral security, and maintain peace and harmony at home.
• We also intend to help the parents to not to resort to high cost resources of borrowing and also not to pledge Jewels, which is always a retained last resort, to sacrifice for any middle class family.
Loan can be repaid by 1.Cheque 2. Cash at Office counter 3. Debit /Credit Card 4. Net Banking through payment gateway