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The more, the better, join hands with us and help us have more significant impacts on society. Vidhyashri is a non-bank financial company willing to alleviate education as far as possible. However, this would not have been possible without the generous team we have on our side. If you believe that you and I have something common, we will be more than happy to associate with you.

If you are School or an Coaching Center with a keen interest in our ideology, connect with us. You can reach us with the help of form present on our website, or other contact details are also mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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Why Partner with Us?

Our journey at Vidhyashri so far has been incredible, and we are glad about everything we do here. We have helped many parents with strict financial conditions to send their children to school.

We are a team of highly passionate individuals, and we aim to bring about a significant impact on the educational sector. Our idea is to fuel the young aspirers with the knowledge and skill required to build a basic living. Vidhyashri is leading a path to a better future by giving financial help to every indigent parent. Every day is a challenge for a middle-class family, and we understand it pretty well.

Our loan policies are transparent, and schemes typically aim at meeting all the basic requirements of school students.

If the idea seems compelling enough to you, we will be more than happy to welcome you to our family. However, some major discussion still needs to be made. Reach to us through the contact details mentioned here, and we will reach you as soon we get your message.