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Key Benefits

The primary level of education is really important. There hasn’t been a company willing to serve parents who can’t even send their kids to primary classes. But, here we are to rescue all such parents. Our loan focuses on students studying from KG to 12th Class. Besides, we believe in the ideology “the customer is the king,” everything that other company promises, Vidyashri make it happen. Keeping in mind the pain a student goes through because of strict financial conditions, the loan procedure here is made hassle-free. Maintaining transparency and establishing two-way communication, we deliver the best quality services. Besides, young aspirers and dreamers must not miss out on basic opportunities because of financial factors.

Vidyashri has been trying hard to make the education loan procedure hassle-free and straightforward. Here are all the benefits that an individual will enjoy if they associate with us. These are:

No Security

One major problem that most individuals face while getting an education loan is providing security to the bank. Such situations can become overburden for people who do not have anything permanent to offer to the bank. However, Vidyashri asks for no security as such. You can avail for an education loan without providing any security to us. So, if all doors seem closed enough to you, we are willing to welcome you to the Vidyashri family with all our hearts.

Competitive Rate of Interest

Most parents back out from taking an education loan due to a high rate of education loan. The high rate interest is a scare-crow that none of us can actually avoid. But, we are certainly not here to burn your pockets. Our interest rates are way lower than what other companies and banks offer you.

Easy Payment Terms

An ideal loan company would try to make your repayment process easier and affordable. Our payment terms are absolutely easy. For every loan you take, you can easily pay it back within a tenure of 12th months. Longer repayment tenure will lead to affordable installments, and it won’t be a burden on you.

Assured Renewal

Another added feature you may enjoy is assured renewal of your loans every academic year. So, you will not have to repeat the same procedure every year, it is a one-time job. You simply have to opt for the auto-renewal option.

Avoid Sources Like Credit Card

Undoubtedly credit card interest rates are way too high and much harder to repay. Not just credit card, there are various other sources walking on the same path. But, it is time for you to ditch all those sources for educational help. Our competitive rate of interest is perfect for aiding the financial crisis you are facing.

Maintain the Status Quo

When no bank or organization solves the issues, selling or mortgaging gold seems like the perfect plan. Well, say no to all such options when Vidyashri is providing you everything you need. It’s time for you to maintain the status quo and watch your child grow every single day.